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    Less Money. Less Wait Time. Less Stress.


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Worry Free Bariatric Surgery In Mexico

Worry Free
Bariatric Surgery In Mexico

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Worry Free Bariatric Surgery In Mexico

  • Gastric Sleeve

  • Gastric Bypass

  • Mini Gastric Bypass

  • Revision Surgery

You Know it Costs Less in Mexico

The support from the doctor and his entire staff has just been tremendous. They are there for me... they are kind, caring people.
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The rewards of travelling outside Canada for medical treatment are significant. Now you can realize these rewards reassured that you have the backing of seasoned guides to help you along the way. Reducing complexity, stress and time arranging Bariatric treatment outside Canada. We have extensive experience and set the highest standards in choosing our medical partners.

We vet every doctor we work with. We inspect every facility. The prices we negotiate with our medical partners, hotels and so on are very competitive. You save with our All-In-One package and get peace of mind knowing that we will look after the stressful details and support you every step of the way.

The Staff was great, the hospital was great and the overall experience was great!
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Bariatric Procedures

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We are experienced in a complete range of surgical weight loss options, including the Gastric Sleeve, the Gastric Bypass (roux-en-Y), the Mini Gastric Bypass and the Duodenal Switch.

We also perform Revision Surgeries.


Your surgeon will help guide you to the best option for you, based on a review of your personal health history and your weight loss goals.

Bariatric Surgery Costs

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The average cost of Bariatric Surgery in a Private Clinic in Canada is $15,000-$20,000 (without travel and hotel). For the same surgery in Mexico, with all arrangements handled by Healthcare Connects, you can expect to pay 30-50% less.


Weight Loss Surgery is not inexpensive. But the return to a healthier, happier life may be the best investment you'll ever make.

Wait Times

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The average wait time for Bariatric surgery in the Canadian Health Care system is 5 Years. With Healthcare Connects, surgeries can happen as quickly as a few weeks.


With locations in Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Tijuana, your surgery can fit your schedule.

Surgeons & Medical Teams

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We have chosen the very best Bariatric surgeons and medical teams to work with at Healthcare Connects. As skilled, experienced and dedicated as any available in Canada or around the world.


Our surgeons have extensive experience in Bariatrics, having performed more than 8,000 procedures. You'll be in good hands.


Photo of Healthcare Connects Hospital Partner in Guadalajara


We research, conduct site visits and build relationships with the best medical facilities in Mexico. You can feel comfortable that we have selected the very best for you and your surgery.


Select from three modern and well equipped hospitals | • Puerto Vallarta • Guadalajara • Tijuana

I’m ME now and enjoying life to the fullest
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Questions Most Often Asked

1. COVERAGE | Isn't This Free In Canada?

Unfortunately, Bariatric Surgery is not accessible to everyone who seeks it in Canada. Coverage available through the public health system is limited. Qualifying is difficult. Wait times are long. Not all Bariatric procedures are available. More

2. TRAVEL | How Long Is The Air Flight?

Depending on what part of Canada you are starting from and which city in Mexico you have selected for your surgery, flight times are typically similar to those between Toronto and Vancouver. About five hours or so on average. More

3. SAVINGS | How Much Can Be Saved?

Expect to pay 30-50% less with surgery handled by Healthcare Connects.
Depending on procedure, the cost of Bariatric Surgery in a Private Clinic in Canada is between $15-$20,000 (
excluding travel/accommodation). More

4. WORRY FREE | What Does This Mean?

Surgery can be stressful no matter where you have it but it is our mission to make your experience in Mexico as worry free as possible. Our All-In-One package includes everything you'll need. No Surprises. Leave the details to us,.. focus on you. More

5. EXPERTISE | Medical Team Experience?

Our surgeons, Dr. Alejandro Lopez and Dr. Salvador Ramirez have personally performed over 8,000 Bariatric surgeries and have a well trained, experienced and fully accredited bariatric team –– most of whom have worked together for many years. More

6. LANGUAGE | How Will I Communicate?

Dr. Lopez speaks English and many members of his team are bilingual as well. Each of our hospital partners have numerous English speaking staff members.

Support Materials | What's Next?

When you become a Healthcare Connects Client, you'll have access to our Client Portal for all the support materials you’ll need for your Journey.

More Affordable Bariatric Surgery In Mexico

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