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Dr. Joyce Slater: Your Guide to Informed Health Choices 
Dr. Joyce Slater shines as a distinguished expert in the field of nutrition and public health. Contributing her vast expertise to HealthConnectbc, she embodies a deep-seated passion for enhancing public well-being. As a respected figure in her field. Dr. Slater's academic journey and professional achievements are nothing short of inspirational. Holding a significant position as a researcher and educator, Dr. Slater has delved deeply into the intricacies of food literacy and nutritional science. Her work, prominently featured in numerous esteemed scientific publications, underscores her dedication to expanding our understanding of food's role in health and society. At the heart of Dr. Slater's professional ethos is a profound desire to positively impact individual lives through education and research. She often says, "Empowering people with the knowledge to make healthier choices is the most rewarding aspect of my work." This principle is the cornerstone of her involvement with HealthConnectbc, where she strives to provide reliable and practical health advice. Dr. Slater's contributions to HealthConnectbc are multifaceted: academically, she offers insights into the complex world of nutrition and health, enhancing both public understanding and professional practices. Additionally, she is instrumental in guiding and inspiring the next generation of health professionals, thus fostering future excellence in the field. Juggling rigorous research with her educational duties, Dr. Slater demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her profession. Her approachable nature and genuine concern transcend the confines of academia, touching the lives of everyone she interacts with. Dr. Slater looks forward to continuing her journey of discovery and education, dedicated to the ongoing improvement of public health and nutrition. At HealthConnectbc, Dr. J. Slater is not just a contributor; she is a guiding light, dedicated to enlightening and motivating individuals towards a healthier and more informed lifestyle. PUBLISHED ARTICLES
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  • Self-perceived eating habits and food skills of Canadians (2016)
  • Challenges to acquiring and utilizing food literacy: Perceptions of young Canadian adults (2016)
  • Socio-demographic and geographic analysis of overweight and obesity in Canadian adults (2009)
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