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Affordable Bariatric Suegery In Mexico



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Connect with the best bariatric surgeons and medical facilities in Mexico

Helping Canadians Coast to Coast

"You'll be treated like an honoured guest, not a patient number"

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Each year we help hundreds of Canadians get the Bariatric surgery they need when wait times in the Public Healthcare System in Canada are unacceptable and the cost of Bariatric surgery in private clinics is unaffordable.

Thousands of Canadians travel outside the country every year for surgical procedures but for many people the idea is still scary.

That's where Healthcare Connects comes in. We have extensive Bariatric experience in both Canada and Mexico. We profoundly understand the issues facing Canadians unable to get the life-altering surgery they so desperately need.

Choosing the right surgeon and medical facility are fundamental anywhere you have surgery. And this can be especially daunting when considering options outside Canada. Extensive and detailed research, combined with on-site inspections and relationship building, has made Healthcare Connects an expert authority on surgeons, medical teams and facilities in Mexico.

Our expertise does not stop there. We also inspect Hotels where you'll stay, specify local transportation arrangements, and support you every step of the way –– to help make the entire experience as worry free as it can be.

Our Medical travel team has been planning, arranging and organizing Medical travel outside of Canada for over 10 years. Our Canadian Patient Advocate has had Bariatric Surgery in Mexico so she knows first hand what you can expect, and she’s really good at what she does.

We answer all the questions you have, and many more you might not think to ask: What makes a good Bariatric Surgeon? Will they speak English?, How long is the flight? What should I bring with me? Is the Hospital close to the airport? Will someone pick me up? What will the hotel be like? What bloodwork and other lab tests will I need?

Healthcare Connects will handle all the stressful detail so you can focus on you. Oh, and one other thing –– you'll be treated like an honoured guest, not a patient number.

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Affordable Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

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