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Worry Free Bariatric Surgery In Mexico

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Bariatric Surgery In Mexico

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Illustration Of Mini Gastric Bypass procedure

The Mini Gastric Bypass is a modernized version of the traditional Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) procedure with a strong record of good outcomes. It is performed laparoscopically.

The Mini Gastric Bypass is a simpler, faster procedure that requires only one anastomosis (surgically joining parts of the body) compared to a traditional Gastric Bypass which requires two. It is therefore felt to have a lowered risk of infection.

Although it is called a Mini Gastric Bypass to differentiate it from the traditional Gastric Bypass, weight loss results are essentially equal to the older procedure.

The stomach is divided into a smaller portion, or pouch that is approximately 1/4 of the existing stomach. The gastric pouch is then joined to the small intestine.

This results in the majority of the stomach and approximately 1/3 of the small intestine being ‘bypassed’ when you eat food. This means it is not involved in the digestion or absorption of the food you eat.

YOU FEEL FULLER on smaller amounts of food and the absorption of the food you eat is reduced.

The Procedure takes about 90 Minutes The average hospital stay is two nights

Are you a candidate for

Mini Gastric Bypass?

• You are at least 18 Years of Age

• You have a BMI over 35 –– or a BMI of 30 with a serious weight-related health problem, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or severe sleep apnea

• You are committed to making the necessary lifestyle changes


• Solid Record of Good Outcomes

• Modernized Version of Roux-en-Y Bypass

• Less Complex Surgery • Quicker Recovery

• Faster Procedure • Lowered Risk of Infection

• Shorter Hospital Stay

• Record of Good Outcomes

• Less Complex Surgery

• Faster Procedure

• Quicker Recovery

• Shorter Hospital Stay

• Lowered Risk of Infection

• A Modernized Version of Roux-en-Y Bypass

Prices are shown in US Dollars because that is the currency quoted by surgeons and medical facilities in Mexico. Conversion to Canadian Dollars occurs at the prevailing exchange rate on the day payment is made. Please also note that prices shown here do not include airfare. Once point of origin and destination selected are known, airfare will be calculated and added to your personalized package.

In Medicine an anastomosis refers to a connection made surgically between adjacent blood vessels, parts of the intestine, or other channels of the body, or the operation in which this is constructed.

Once your point of origin in Canada is known and you have selected your Mexican destination, flight arrangements are made and included in your all-in-one package.


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